Van Duinkeren adventure


Van Duinkerken is looking for more coherence and experience in its communication. The goal for the coming years: building the brand image and taking the step from product to experience. The challenge: come up with a communication concept and style with which Van Duinkerken can communicate all its actions and promotions in the coming years.


Everyone has their own unique camping experience and wishes. Van Duinkerken has a solution for each of these wishes. We visualize the ultimate 'feeling' for each product and market combination of what our customers want to achieve with the purchase. We link a product/service from Van Duinkerken to that feeling. 'The ultimate feeling… made possible in part by Van Duinkerken'.


Van Dunkirk Sports & Camping


Creative Communication concept, identity, look&feel, campaign marketing, advertisement design, web design, Facebook campaign


Commissioned by Zecht
Strategy of Zecht Strategie

Structure Communication concept

Facebook action