Education concept out-of-the-box in a box

Logo design, illustration, posters, game cards, presentation folders, manuals, signing


In Je Sas is a practice for social skills. It offers teachers and counselors training, courses and workshops to get started with social skills in the classroom. The SAS-BOX was conceived as a new concept, a bundling of all kinds of course material. The challenge: design all sheets, folders, posters, boxes and game cards and give the characters Zus & Sas a face.


First, we tackled and modernized the In Je Sas logo. This step formed the basis for the rest of the graphic shapes and colors in the house style: rounded corners and the primary basic colors red, yellow, blue and green. After the first rough character sketch of Zus&Sas, illustrator Robin Bos took care of the further elaboration. We have designed all the resources step by step, with Zus&Sas and the animals as recognizable carriers of messengers of tips and advice.


  • Direct purchase of extra boxes
  • Courses for the first year fully booked immediately
  • Very enthusiastic first reactions


In your Sas


Logo design, illustration, posters, game cards, presentation folders, manuals, signing

The restyling of the logo

We started with a small restyling of the logo. While retaining the recognizable childlike character, the new logo is slightly more contemporary.

The origin of Zus & Sas

Zus & Sas are two primary school students who play the leading role in all means of communication. Zus & Sas have acquired a cheerful and loving face and stubborn character. The base is a heart shape, clearly visible in the shape of the heads. Below you can see the process: from inspiration to sketch to the end result,

First sketches of Zus & Sas
Illustrator Robbin Bos has further elaborated and 'raised' Zus&Sas.
From sketch to final result


All tools are in the SAS-BOX. Course folder, game cards, manuals, posters, hand puppets and more. During a course day, teachers receive detailed explanations about the operation and use of the entire content. The boxes are a great success and new courses are filling up.

Enthusiastic reactions from the first group of students. And of course all passed, with flying colors.
Posters for the classroom
Zus & Sas show you the way. That's nice coming!